Day of Ashura

Shia Muslim people worldwide donate blood on the day of Ashura to save people as Imam Husayn, the prophet Muhammad’s grandson, save the humanity by his blood on the day of Ashura. Imam Husayn and his all 72 companions gave everything he had to save the religion of God from utter distortion and to reform the Islamic community of the prophet Muhammad
Ashura Ashura



Unfortunately, a minority of people who called themselves as Shia Muslim people flagellate themselves with knives or chains or swords on the day of Ashura to destroy the true shia Image in the world or to show they are the followers of Imam Husayn by such fabricated way although all the greatest Shia scholars prohibited any self-harm and self-mutilation. Self-flagellation or Tatbir is also prohibited by law in the Islamic republic of Iran.


The true Shia Muslim dressed in black participate in the mourning ceremonies and processions to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Husayn. They listen to the speech about Imam Husayn and the event of Ashura and to the lessons we may learn from Ashura in such ceremonies. They pray at the end for all Muslim people and for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, the 12th Shia Imam.


Day of Ashura

Shia Muslim take part in the blood donation movement on the day of Ashura more than any other days. They distribute free food and drink for the love of God and Imam Husayn among other mourners in public places on the day of Ashura and the ten first days of Muharram.


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